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Every second in the gaming world counts. Slack for a few seconds and you are kicked out. For instance, games such as the need for speed and Counterstrike require total concentration if you want to win. These days, people have shifted from playing physical games to video games.

With the introduction of gaming gadgets such as PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, the gaming industry has consecutively grown. Many gamers require gameplay videos and other information to complete a particular mission in a game. For those who love playing Counterstrike and StarCraft, there are uncountable videos on our channel. As gaming rapidly moves to the center stage of the conventional culture, large numbers of players are emerging.

Challenging your friends and other gamers is fantastic, and it allows you to win titles for prizes and bragging rights. However, you need information on how to play from a reliable source. YouTube channel gives you instant access to the gameplay of different varieties of games and strategies. At our site, we review the latest games for PS, PC, and Xbox.

Xbox enables you to play on the advanced multiplayer network with a diverse community of gamers. There are hundreds of Xbox games that one can play. More games emerge, and therefore your options will never get exhausted. All you need to do is select your favorite and start playing it with other gamers. Watch live streams from our site as well as video highlights to get information about the latest Xbox games and upcoming ones. In our website, both viewers and streamers can easily connect and engage together enhancing the overall new streaming experience.

On our YouTube channel, videos with commentary are quite favorable, and many will love watching them. One of the first titles to support this new cross-network is StarCraft. The manufacturers of different consoles such as Sony and Microsoft enable different players to connect regardless of the device that they are using.

Get access to the growing gaming library with thousands of outstanding PS4 and PS3 games. Besides, there are PS exclusives as well as an acclaimed masterpiece of shooting and racing games, indie gems, RPG and RTS that suits you.

Every month, new enticing games are added to the PS library which means you will always have something exciting to play. The online multiplayer capability gives you an extra dimension in your gaming. Whether you are the sharpshooter, team sports or a spectator, there is apparently an online game to play. Check out on our site to stay updated on the newly released games.

Personal Computer (PC)
PC gaming is the most prevalent among many people. For this reason, there are uncountable games that one can try. Battlefield, Counterstrike, Need for Speed and Halo are one of the most played games. The production of gaming PCs is quite high, and many people can comfortably get one at affordable prices.

Since not everybody is skilled at playing games using PS or Xbox, PC is the best option. If you are an avid gamer who continually likes looking at gameplay, this is the best site for you. For those who enjoy watching their skill, the site posts videos of people gaming together with commentary from the two hosts of, Fredrik Nilsson, and Niklas Eriksson.

With high-quality videos, your gaming experience will be continuously raised. Since we are equipped with the correct hardware for gameplay recording, and proper software for editing, the videos recorded have the desired quality.

Both consoles and pcs are continually evolving. New games are being released which means you need to stay updated. We provide you with reliable information on the reviews of the latest PC, Xbox and PlayStation games and gaming related videos.