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Games-TV.org Founder

Games-TV.org is based out of Stockholm, Sweden and have had many professional gamers at the office of the company. The founders and owners are Fredrik Nilsson and Niklas Eriksson who are enjoy playing StarCraft and Counterstrike.

Focusing on gaming, Games-Tv.org brings together information about many games produced by different manufacturers to one source. The games can be played either on PlayStation, Xbox or PC. Gaming has been there for a long time. Posting much game plays on our site and channel, many new gamers can confidently compete with their friends. We also provide information about different gaming events occurring throughout the year such as the PC Gaming Show.

different games

team of professionals

With a team of professionals, you can stay updated on the new. Furthermore, the release dates for different games can be found at our site. Besides, we conduct and record interviews which are then analyzed by our team. These conversations are later posted on our channel and can be viewed by anyone at any time.
As a leading gaming content provider, Games-TV.org has one of the most extensive databases for storing game related videos. Our company helps you in discovering and keeping track of the gaming industry events and the technology used in different games.

video quality

well-recorded gameplays

Since we care about the video quality, we provide well-recorded gameplays that our audience will enjoy watching. Our videos, the motion pictures can be used to give out the storyline of a particular series. Since we love games, we happily grow and work professionally with games. We ensure this is possible through different ways. These are:

• Fetching gaming related information and putting it in one place in an organized manner.
• Ensuring that there is communication between different gamers and spectators by gathering them together.
• Letting our users decide on the features and designs that they want in the games.


We also have dazzling screens at our offices where one can play the latest games. Gamess-TV.org is a leading gaming website and a reliable source of information related to the video game industry. We are trailblazers both in online and casual games. To grow a connected player community, we promote online gaming.

passionate community

With our passionate community, we share and discuss the latest news also relate to the industry. Our unique ranking algorithm makes our site to be one the most visited with the traffic coming from all over the globe.

video gaming culture


The StarCraft is the gaming generation mouthpiece aiming to capture and celebrate the vast video gaming culture. It also aims at diversifying the video gaming lifestyle. Our site is filled with videos and engaging forums that enhance the overall gaming experience.

our platform

To all who are willing to contribute content to our comprehensive archive, our platform is always open. Cementing our reputation as the most authoritative games’ voice, we have delivered sharp opinions on different gaming hardware and software. We offer the relevance, authenticity, and creativity that will help you engage our premium, vital audience. Our deep relationship with our audience and professional entrepreneurs aids in creating an excellent gaming experience.

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