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Best Under $20 PlayStation 4 Deals in Time for the Holidays

For the last six years, PlayStation 4 has been at the forefront as Sony’s lead console. Thanks to the introduction of new models like the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro along with some awesome game releases, prices have never been cheaper. If you’re thinking of getting your own PS4 just in time for the holidays, here are some great game deals you definitely shouldn’t miss at $20 or less.

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Resident Evil 7- Biohazard

Thanks to the Revelations games that gave a nod to the survival horror roots that the series has been known for, Resident Evil 7- Biohazard is definitely a welcome addition to complete the collection. Expect to walk around a run-down mansion where your wits and scavenging skills are crucial for you to stay alive. You’ll love the first-person perspective as the developers have decided to forgo the awkward controls and weird third-person camera. Expect some intense scenes as you fight the Baker family and the humanoid “Molded” while you explore the place and solve puzzles the Resident Evil way.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XII- The Zodiac Age

This PlayStation 2 Classic was recently remastered and deservedly so. It’s a great representation of everything good with Japanese RPG and is a great addition to the current generation Sony console. The remastered soundtrack, updated hardware, and technical upgrades to ensure compatibility with modern hardware make it one of the best offerings of the Final Fantasy series. It has a great story, excellent direction and fast-paced combat makes it a wonderful addition to any PS4 owner’s collection.

Yakuza 0

This franchise started with PlayStation 2 and has been around since then. While it does have a dedicated base, it never really made it huge in the West. Yakuza 0 is a different story, however. Set in the 80s, you’ll be playing Kiryu, the protagonist where you will not just be beating up gangsters but you’ll also make your way up of Japan’s criminal underbelly. It’s just got everything that makes it a great classic— great sense of humor, interesting characters, and amazing gameplay. Also, there are so many things for you to do. At less than $20, this is definitely a must for your game collection.

The Last Guardian

This creation by Fumito Ueda features time-worn and airy aesthetics along with a gameplay that’s rich in exploration. In the game, you will play a young boy who found himself in an ancient complex and to find the way out, you’ll have to work with a massive dog-like creature. The story is beautiful and the adventure is compelling and at the price it is currently offered at, it’s definitely a great find.

Detroit- Become Human

An offering from Quantic Dream, this is an interactive adventure that involves strong characters, impressive world-building, as well as an accessible and intuitive gameplay. The game tells the story through three protagonists. You get to choose who to control and which plotline to explore and the story will progress based on the actions and choices you will make along the way. Ultimately, your decisions will determine how the story ends. Multiple play-throughs are available so you get to experience every possible ending possible. At less than $20, this would make for a great holiday gaming session.

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