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Nowadays, video games have diversified and developed such that there is one which perfectly suits you. People not only play these games but also make them. Few people are aware of where Grand Theft Auto V was developed. The game was developed by a team from the UK. GTA V is one of the most successful games, making millions within its first three days after it was released. The co-producer, Rockstar North is located in Edinburgh. Batman: Arkham City, is al also a game with many fans. It was co-developed in London by Rocksteady Studios. Other competitive games include StarCraft and Counterstrike. Every year, many significant gaming events are happening, and they will be featured on the channel.

Some of them include:

Control conference

This is an event which is organized and the game development magazine control. It covers different topics of game development such as programming, design, game art and the business part of making different games.

Game releases

Big games such as Minecraft and Grand Theft auto organize significant events when they are releasing a new game. In our site, we show top game releases every month. We also put together the latest games that can be played for free on Xbox, PC, and PS. Whatever game you are waiting for, you will get notified once it’s out.


Game Show

Every year, there are many conventions and shows held for people to celebrate video game achievements. Most are open to everyone, but there are others that are limited to specific people such as publishers and game developers. Some o the shows include:

Brasilia Game show (BGS)
The show attracts hundreds of thousands each year which makes it one of the most significant gaming event in Latin America. It covers different topics such as Coplay, gaming and business opportunities for experts in the gaming industry. BGS’ primary area of focus is on B2C and B2b space where different professionals and entrepreneurs can interact and share ideas.


In Europe, this is one of the biggest shows. It is open both to the public an industry as well.

Tokyo Game Show

Each fall, the show brings well-created video games. Apart from game development, this show also covers business opportunities to help different entrepreneurs.

The PC Gamer Weekender

This HP organized event is attended by thousands of people across the globe. The venue of the event changes every year. Previously, the event was held at Olympia in Kensington, London. Different gaming brands are launched during this event. For instance, in 2016, the Games Radar+, Edge and PC Gamer were launched.

International Consumer Electronics Show

CES features electronics, gadgets, TVs, and games. It is considered to be one of the largest technology show in the world.


Mostly held in Los Angeles, the show is dedicated to celebrating video game achievements and game releases. Game developers also share their ideas and latest technology at this event. Sharing of videos has become an essential part of how we play. It is satisfying if you can share your gameplay on the internet.

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