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The Most Anticipated Games of 2020

With the coming of the new year, video games enthusiasts are excited to welcome new titles that will soon be gracing their smartphones, consoles, and PCs. From Cyberpunk 2011 to The Last of Us (Part 2), already, the wish lists are filling up and everybody’s looking forward to finally trying out and playing these games once the green light is on.
Here are some of the most anticipated games the gaming community is looking forward to for 2020.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Coming out on PC, Xbox One and PS4, fingers are crossed that CD Projeckt RED will do another The Witcher 3 with Cyberpunk 2077. April is the anticipated month when the game finally rolls out and everybody is waiting with bated breath. Based on what they have shown so far, the game seems to be replete with rather incredible cinematics and settings that players would love to explore. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve got Keanu Reeves as the main character too. That just made the game even more…in the word of the great Keanu— breathtaking!

Final Fantasy VII (Remake)

Coming to PlayStation 4 come April next year, nostalgia is definitely what surrounds all the hype regarding this FF remake. While some past remasters of the series may not have lived up to expectations, this one seems to hit all the right spots. As one of the most iconic games of all time, it is indeed remarkable to see that proper reworking is being done on this great classic. The stunning trailers are only adding fuel to the fire. It will be released in parts though so expect that this one will only expect events in Midgar. The rest will have to wait later.

Halo Infinite

Due on March next year, halo Infinite is coming to Xbox Scarlett, PC, and Xbox One. With the issues plaguing The Master Chief Collection and the lukewarm reception to Halo 5: Guardian, the introduction of this new Halo game is more than welcome for the fans that have been eagerly waiting for some real good news. With the new game, Master Chief is still the lead and it comes with a new game engine. The game will launch along with the Project Scarlett console by Microsoft— something that has sent the gaming community buzzing.

The Last of Us (Part II)

Coming to PlayStation 4 next year, fans of the game have been waiting for three years since the first teaser for the second part was released. It’s almost seven years since the first game was released so this is one release that is way long overdue. Based on what has been out there so far, the wait may be well worth it as the second part of the game delves into Ellie’s tale as well as how she’s going through life in the midst of a viral uprising. The game looks intense and equally harrowing and there are all signs that it is indeed produced meticulously. Needless to say, the gaming community can’t wait.

Diablo IV

Coming soon on PS4, PC, and Xbox One, the new Diablo looks even darker although it seems to look more polished than the third installment. Fans got a first taste of what to expect at this year’s BlizzCon. While everybody is hoping that the game will get a 2020 release, no official date has been announced yet. But that only seems to have added more to the excitement and anticipation for the game.
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