Our Top Games

Our Top Games

The gaming industry is growing every day. From the old times of Ping Pong to the introduction of the hyper-realistic games like StarCraft, it’s evident that the latest technology is being used in the industry. Our most favorite games are StarCraft and Counterstrike. These are two shooter games which give you the best gaming experience.

best gaming experience


The storyline of the StarCraft series is carried in various gameplay videos which are found on our YouTube channel. These games are released in chronological order. Each new title depicts the events which were occurring in the previous one. For instance, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was an advancement of StarCraft I showing events that happened four years after the Brood War ended. Two major expansions, the legacy of the Void and heart of the Swarm, were later made. They were released in 2013 and 2015.

In the main series, all the games feature real-time strategy games. For each of the three species, the players view the events of the game as military commanders. Two spins of titles have also been released focusing on a different setting and characters but still retaining the main storyline. StarCraft Ghost, a spin-off, was meant to be a third-person action stealth game.



The technologically and psionic adept Protos have the capability of accessing machinery, powerful units, localize warp capabilities and energy shields which are powered by their supernatural traits. However, their military forces have expensive and lengthy manufacturing processes which enable the players to follow a specific procedure to get to all the base units.

lower costs

Zerg possess all the organic structures and units that can be quickly produced at lower costs. Unfortunately, they are relatively weaker for they rely on speed and sheer numbers to overwhelm their enemies. Terrans, the humanoid, provides a neutral ground between the other races offering flexible and versatile units. They have unlimited access to the complex military machinery and technologies such as nuclear weapons and tanks.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is employed in the entire StarCraft game scaling different levels of difficulty (just like many other online slots, nowadays). In single player campaigns, changing the difficulty level is not possible. However, it can be changing in multiplayer battles. At the beginning of the game, the natural Al modes are run by the enemy factions. As one scales deeper through the campaign course, the Al modes harden. In the first level, “level editor,” the player accesses four Al mode difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and insane. For each race, in the single-player campaign, there are thirty missions which are divided into groups of ten.


Counterstrike game

Counterstrike game rose to prominence by surprise within its first few days. It can either be played on a PC, Mac or even on gen consoles both online and single player. In this shooter game, players have the option of joining the counter-terrorist team, terrorist team or participate as a spectator. Each side has a mission objective to complete which is to eliminate the other team. By default, the players are given only one life and begin fighting with a knife and pistol. Players participate in the game one of the default character models. To enable the players to get prepared as well as buy equipment, they are given a few seconds in each round. During this time, they can neither attack nor move. Bonuses are awarded for killing an enemy, winning a series and even losing.


The scoreboard is used for displaying the statistics for all the players, and showing things like top casinos bonuses. The scoreboard is also used to indicate that a player is carrying a bomb, a VIP on the assassination maps or dead. However, the information is not relayed to the opposition team.

Dead players automatically become spectators during that round. Spectators can watch the entire series from multiple different views. Counterstrike is a game that most people of varying age will enjoy playing.

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