Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners

How to Get Started With Video Games

Despite the popularity of video games today, there are those people who have never really experienced holding a joystick or controller even just once in their life. It’s a fact though that a growing number of people of different age brackets are playing video games as opposed to just curling up in front of the TV.

For those that have never tried it before, knowing whether they should start playing is often the most important question. Then there is also the fact that they would certainly not know where to start or what games they should be playing. If you’re entertaining the idea of playing video games, here are things that might help you make the transition.

Choose a platform

You’ll find that there are different platforms where you can play videogames. With smartphones and tablets being of popular use these days, getting started shouldn’t be that hard to do as these are considered as games units. It is always helpful to get the latest Android or iPhone models so you know you’ve got the right specs to allow the game to run.
The PC is also another platform where you can play games. You can choose to buy pre-built ones with all the right specifications for gaming or you can choose to build one yourself. While it is less of a hassle to get the one already pre-built, if savings are what you are more concerned of, you can always go build your own.

cheaper than PC

Then, there are consoles. They are generally cheaper than the PC and since they are already built for games so they are more of the plug and play type. If you want the latest models, there are the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. PS4 seems to be the better option especially in terms of graphics performance. You can also go for the earlier models as there are still hundreds of games available. At the end of the day, it is just a matter of preference and of course, budget.

Start buying games

If playing on a tablet or a smartphone, all you have to do is visit the app store and choose the games you wish to play on the device. Download the game and install it, and you can start playing soon after. For the PC, signing up for Steam may be a good idea as this online shop has a wide array of games which can be downloaded straight to the computer. Digital shops are also a good alternative. For consoles, major online stores and supermarkets are always your best bet if you wish to get the latest titles. Some also have online stores you can check out for the latest offers.

What to play?

There is a vast range of games genre so there is always something for everybody. First-person shooter games involve seeing the environment via the eyes of your character. Brawler or third-person shooters are games where you see the character onscreen. RPGs or role-playing games often involve adventure in a science fiction or fantasy setting where your character learns abilities and spells and collect experience points and weapons along the way. MMORPG or massively multiplayer online games are similar to RPGs but will involve hundreds of other gamers — either competing or cooperating. RTS or real-time strategy games allow the player to control units and direct them against the forces of an opponent’s. MOBAs or multiplayer online battle arena is somewhat a new genre where warrior teams battle each other using spells and weapons with the goal of destroying the other team’s bases. For those that lobe action and adventure, open-world shooter may be the one for you where you get to have access to a massive environment which you can freely explore.

video games

When playing video games, it is important to understand that having the right hardware is crucial if you want to experience seamless and smooth gameplay. Choosing the right games matter too so if you are still new, it is best to start with simpler and easier to play games and then progress to more challenging ones later on.
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